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Raccoon Removal

With Arete Pest Control wildlife removal services we provide the best raccoon control services in Atlanta GA. Our goal is to offer reliable wildlife removal services to take care of your raccoon problem. With our trained and certified wildlife technicians, we can make sure that we can remove your raccoon problem in no time.

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    How To Remove Raccoon

    How To Remove Raccoon

    With Arete Pest Control wildlife removal we know how to place traps that can trap your raccoon problems. Our goal is to provide the best raccoon removal services to your home and professionally remove your raccoon problem. With our baited traps, we can take care of your raccoon problem in no time.

    Arete Pest Control Wildlife Removal is committed to the health and safety of your family. We want to make sure that our job is done right at your location until the wildlife animal has been removed from your home or property.

    Signs Of Raccoons

    Raccoons prefer to reside in tropical and warm locations. Raccoons’ habitats are within the river banks, lakes, forests, logs, or trees. They are also common in urban areas due to the abundance of food disposed into the garbage. The majority of their activity is mainly done during the night. They usually travel a few miles away from their hideout in the wilderness.

    If you are in need of raccoon removal Arete Pest Control Wildlife removal services can help with that. Raccoons are very common to sneak and infiltrate your home. You may need to look out for the following signs to make sure you don’t have raccoons in your home or property.

    • Scat(feces) along the foundation of your home
    • Noises in the attic or walls
    • Noises in the chimney
    • Holes in the eves
    • Ripped open Trash Bags
    • Structural damages around the home
    Signs Of Raccoons

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