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When choosing Arete Pest Control for your pest control needs in Highland, Utah, you can be sure our technicians are the best. We pride ourselves on offering superior customer service and taking all necessary steps to ensure we provide a high-quality result. Our technicians are professional, knowledgeable, and experienced. They will take the time to explain your personalized treatment plan, so you understand what is being done.

At Arete Pest Control, we use only EPA-approved products and proven pest control methods. In addition, we have an extensive selection of products that can effectively control various pests.

We understand the importance of keeping your family, pets, and property safe and secure. That’s why we guarantee every service we provide in Highland, Utah. We work hard to ensure that you have a pest-free environment, so you can focus on enjoying your home.

We offer a free inspection to determine the best treatment for your pest problem. Contact us today for a free no-obligation consultation on our Highland, UT, pest control solutions.

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    Pest Exterminators in Highland, Utah

    Pest Exterminators in Highland, Utah

    We know having pests in your home can be a nuisance, so we work hard to remove them quickly and effectively. With our money-back guarantee on specific services, you can rest assured that we will do our best to meet your expectations. We also offer ongoing pest prevention services, so you can be sure the pests won’t return in the future. If the problems come back, we’ll return to your home free of charge to re-service your property.

    At Arete Pest Control, we have the experience and expertise to handle all kinds of pest problems in Highland, Utah, and surrounding areas.

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    Ant Removal Made Simple

    Ant Control Highland

    Ants can be a nuisance in any home or business, but thankfully, Arete Pest Control has the experience and expertise to eliminate them quickly and effectively. Our trained technicians will identify entry points and nesting areas to ensure that all ants are removed from your property.

    In addition to eliminating existing ant infestations, we offer preventative measures to keep ants from returning. By sealing off entry points and removing attractants, our team can help keep your property ant-free for the long term. We use safe treatments that won’t harm your family, pets, or the environment. Don’t let ants take over your home or business – call us today for expert ant control services.


    Centipede/Millipede Control

    Centipedes are resilient, dangerous pests that many homeowners struggle to eliminate. Arete Pest Control provides a safe, effective solution for centipede control. We use state-of-the-art techniques and products to target and eliminate any existing infestation while helping prevent future ones.

    Additionally, our experienced technicians will inspect your property for potential entry points and identify any conducive conditions that could attract centipedes to your home. We will then provide targeted treatments to address the specific needs of your property, ensuring that all centipedes are eliminated and preventing future infestations. Finally, keep centipedes from taking over your home or business – trust the experts at Arete Pest Control to handle the problem.


    Cricket Control

    Crickets can be a nuisance if left unchecked, but thankfully Arete Pest Control has the solutions you need. Our experienced technicians are trained to locate and identify existing infestations to eliminate them quickly and efficiently. We also use preventative measures to help keep your home free of crickets in the future.

    In addition to being a nuisance with their constant chirping, crickets can also cause damage to fabrics and plants. That’s why calling in a professional pest control service like Arete Pest Control for cricket control is crucial. We use environmentally-friendly products and techniques that are safe for your family and pets while effectively controlling your property’s cricket population. Our technicians can also offer advice on preventing future infestations and reducing the chance of crickets returning.


    Earwig Control

    Arete Pest Control offers a variety of earwig control solutions for property owners in Highland, UT. Our technicians are trained to identify and treat existing infestations and help prevent future ones from occurring. We use the latest techniques and products to ensure your home is safe and free from these dangerous pests.

    Earwigs are commonly found in gardens and around moist areas of homes and businesses. They can cause significant damage to plants, and their presence can be a nuisance. Arete Pest Control can help you eliminate earwigs and prevent them from returning. Our technicians will inspect your property and identify potential problem areas, provide treatments to reduce their numbers, and help seal entry points to keep them from entering your home or business in the future.


    Flea Control

    Fleas are tiny but powerful pests that can cause discomfort and health issues if left unchecked. Arete Pest Control uses various techniques, such as sprays, repellants, insect growth regulators, and vacuuming, to eliminate fleas quickly and thoroughly.

    In addition to these treatments, our technicians will inspect your property to identify the infestation’s source and advise on how to prevent future flea problems. We also provide ongoing monitoring and maintenance services to ensure your home remains flea-free.

    Types of Mosquitoes

    Mosquito Control

    Mosquitoes can turn any outdoor area into an unpleasant environment. Arete Pest Control can help keep your yard mosquito-free so you can enjoy outside without worrying about pesky mosquitoes. Our knowledgeable technicians will treat your property with our effective mosquito control products to reduce the number of mosquitos and ensure they don’t return.

    In addition to making your outdoor areas more enjoyable, reducing the mosquito population around your property can also help protect you and your family from mosquito-borne illnesses such as the West Nile virus and Zika virus. Our mosquito control treatments are safe for your family, pets, and the environment, so you can enjoy peace of mind while enjoying your time outdoors.

    pill bugs

    Pill Bug Control

    If left unchecked, pill bugs can be a real problem, but Arete Pest Control has the expertise and experience to eliminate them quickly. Our trained technicians use traditional and modern methods and products to eradicate existing infestations and prevent future ones swiftly.

    We will inspect your property to identify conducive conditions attracting pill bugs to your home or business. We will then provide a customized treatment plan to ensure your property remains pill-bug-free.

    Tips to Prevent Future Cockroach Infestations

    Roach Control

    If you’ve noticed roaches in your home or business, Arete Pest Control can help. Our experienced technicians will inspect your property, identify all areas of entry and nesting, and any conducive conditions that could attract the roaches. We will then use our trusted treatments to eliminate all bugs from your property.

    Our roach control treatments are safe for your family and pets, and we offer preventative measures to ensure that roaches don’t return to your property. Instead, we use a combination of baiting and insect growth regulator treatments to target and eliminate roaches at every stage of their life cycle, ensuring that they don’t have a chance to reproduce and create another infestation.


    Silverfish Control

    Silverfish are an unwelcome pest in any home. Arete Pest Control provides comprehensive silverfish control services to ensure your family feels safe and secure in their homes. We will inspect for signs of activity, provide treatments, and monitor the area to help keep silverfish from returning.

    Our team at Arete Pest Control is trained to identify the signs of a silverfish infestation and provide targeted treatments to eliminate them. We use safe and effective methods that won’t harm your family or pets, and we’ll also work with you to identify potential areas of concern and take preventative measures to keep them away for good.

    Don’t let silverfish damage your belongings or make you uncomfortable in your home. Instead, contact Arete Pest Control today for expert silverfish control services.

    What is the Joro Spider?

    Spider Control

    Spiders create an uncomfortable atmosphere and can carry diseases. Arete Pest Control uses various techniques, such as sprays, repellents, exclusion techniques, and vacuuming, to eliminate spiders quickly with minimal disruption.

    Depending on the species, spiders can create an uncomfortable atmosphere and be dangerous. At Arete Pest Control, we understand the importance of keeping your home or business spider-free. Our experienced technicians will inspect your property, identify potential problem areas, and develop a tailored treatment plan that may include sprays, repellents, exclusion techniques, vacuuming, and more. We aim to eliminate spiders quickly and efficiently with minimal disruption to your daily life.


    Stink Bug Control

    Stink bugs are a nuisance and often difficult to get rid of. Arete Pest Control uses specialized methods to eliminate stink bugs in your home safely and effectively.

    Stink bugs can cause damage to crops and gardens and are unpleasant when they invade homes. At Arete Pest Control, we offer customized treatments for stink bug infestations. Our trained technicians use a combination of insecticides and exclusion techniques to eliminate the current infestation and prevent future ones from occurring. We also offer preventative measures, such as sealing entry points and removing food sources, to keep your home stink bug-free in the long term.

    How to Detect Termites

    Termite Control

    Termites can cause severe damage to your property if left untreated. Arete Pest Control can inspect for signs of termite activity and provide effective treatments to eliminate any termites from your area. Our experienced technicians will identify all areas of entry, breeding grounds, and conducive conditions that could encourage the infestation.

    Additionally, we use various treatment methods, such as baiting systems and liquid termiticides, to completely eradicate termites from your property. Our team will work with you to develop a customized treatment plan to suit your specific needs and budget, ensuring your peace of mind in the long term.

    Wasp Control

    Wasps/Bees Control

    Wasps and bees can be dangerous if provoked. Arete Pest Control utilizes baiting, trapping, exclusion techniques, and sprays to remove bee and wasp nests from your home. Additionally, our technicians are trained to identify the species of bee or wasp to ensure proper removal and relocation, as many species benefit the environment. We also provide preventive measures to help keep these stinging insects away from your home or business.

    Mouse Control

    Mice and Rat Control 

    Mice and rats can be a real nuisance and cause significant damage to your property. Arete Pest Control is experienced and equipped with the right products and methods to rid your home of these pesky rodents quickly and efficiently.

    Our team of experts will inspect your home and identify potential entry points that mice and rats may use to gain access to your property. Once the entry points are identified, we will work with you to seal them off and prevent future infestations. We understand the importance of ensuring your home is safe and healthy for your family, which is why we offer our services at affordable prices to ensure you have peace of mind. Keep mice and rats from taking over your home; contact Arete Pest Control today for a comprehensive solution.

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    Highland, UT – A Great Place To Live 

    Highland is a beautiful, vibrant city located in Utah County, about 30 miles south of Salt Lake City. This city is part of the Provo-Orem Metropolitan Statistical Area, and its elevation is 4,977 feet. With an area of 8.645 square miles, Highland offers many attractions and activities to explore.

    Highland is known for its stunning mountain views and crisp north winds that come through the valley. Some notable people from Highland include retired NBA player Thurl Bailey, author Brandon Mull and dancer Ashly DelGrosso.

    Highland Glen Park is a public park with a pond, picnic shelter, and plenty of green space. Timpanogos Cave National Monument provides guided cave tours, offering guided cave tours, and Heritage Park is also an excellent spot for a stroll or picnic lunch.

    Highland is a small town with something to offer everyone looking to explore, from outdoor activities and attractions to local restaurants and shops.

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