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Arête Pest Control is a full-service pest control and wildlife removal company. We specialize in eliminating ants, rodents, termites, mosquitos, and voles, among other nuisance pests. With strong roots in Georgia and Utah, our primary mission is to uphold your trust by ensuring a pest-free environment, home or business. We pride ourselves on offering tailored pest control solutions, utilizing specialized treatments for precise issues. 

Arête Pest Control team understands the key to a successful partnership lies in the results and the journey towards those results. From the initial consultation to post-service support, we’ve meticulously streamlined every touchpoint to ensure a seamless experience for our clients. Every step with Arête Pest Control is towards a hassle-free, pest-free environment, underscored by our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction.

Meet Our Founder

I started my pest control journey in 2003. Back in college, this started as a way to fund my education as I worked in pest control during the summers; but it quickly became more than just a job to me. 

After earning my bachelor’s in accounting and establishing a tax business, the call of the outdoors, the challenge of the pest control industry, and the thrill of meeting new people daily were impossible to resist.

Starting my own pest control company was a natural progression. It was about combining my passion for entrepreneurship with my love for hands-on problem-solving and client interaction. I hold Designated Certified Officer in several states (Highest State Certification for Pest Control, Termite Control, Bed Bug Control, Mosquito Control).  

Beyond business, my heart belongs to my family – my incredible wife and our four wonderful children. Whether we’re traveling to new places or I’m coaching one of their sports teams, they’re my anchor. I coach anything from basketball, baseball, soccer and even golf.  Our shared moments, from soccer matches to church activities, are what I cherish the most.

Being in the pest control business isn’t just about eradicating nuisances; it’s about creating safer spaces for memories to be made. I take immense pride in managing this company and working closely with our brilliant team. Their growth and our shared achievements bring me joy every day.

Thank you for considering Arête Pest Control. Let’s build a future where you can live and work comfortably, knowing we’ve got your back.

Arete Pest Control Founder

What Sets Arête Pest Control Apart?

  1. Personalized Service Plans: Recognizing that every client has unique needs, we offer tailored services – choose from monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly plans to suit your requirements best.
  2. Guaranteed Satisfaction: Our commitment is unwavering. If pests return between your regular treatments, our re-service is on us – free.
  3. Precision in Pest Treatment: We don’t believe in generic solutions. Our approach utilizes specific products for specific pests, ensuring effective results every time.
  4. Unmatched Expertise: The strength of Arête lies in our team. Every member is dedicated to delivering top-of-the-line service, ensuring our customers always receive the best care possible. 
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