Mosquito Control

Mosquito Control

When pesky mosquitoes are actually keeping you from enjoying your own backyard, it’s probably time you give Arete Pest Control a call.

As your local pest control professionals, we provide quality service as well as the best mosquito control.
We use the highest quality products available and offer our customers a 100% guarantee. If you don’t see a decrease in mosquitoes after 2 weeks, we’ll come and treat again. Just call us today and we’ll come out right away.

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Arête Pest Control Mosquito Service Plan

Steps to Mosquito Control


We conduct a thorough inspection and customize a treatment plan.


Our treatment begins working immediately to reduce the mosquito population.


Treatment contains a zone fo protection that lasts weeks.


Monthly applications keep mosquitoes down and your enjoyment up.

Places Mosquitoes Nest

Mosquito Control

Why do Mosquitoes Bite?

Female mosquitoes need the iron and protein in your blood to reproduce. That’s why they’re so intent on biting you. Once they have your blood, they just need to find somewhere to lay eggs. 

Where do Mosquitoes Breed?

Mosquito breeding grounds can be anywhere with standing, stagnant water. this includes gutters, dog bowls, bird baths and containers, such as bottle caps. 

Why do I need Mosquito Control?

While you can do your best to minimize stagnant water on your own property, you have no control over what your neighbors do. That’s why it’s important to have effective mosquito control.

Mosquito Treatment

Mosquito Control Services You Can Count On

Just about everyone you know has experienced the unpleasant skin irritations caused by mosquito bites. When you have trained pest removal technicians in your area, why not take advantage of them. At Arête Pest Control, we are trained to assess all pest infestations, and we use different products for different bugs for the most effective results.
When it comes to mosquito control, we will work to identify and remove all mosquito habitats on your property, as well and show you how to prevent further breeding and infestation.

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Mosquito Control
Mosquito Control Facts

Mosquito Facts

Did you know there are nearly 200 different species of mosquitoes in the US? Each species has unique behaviors and live in specific habitats. The one commonality is that all mosquitoes go from egg, to larva, to pupa, to adult. The best thing about mosquitoes is that with proper treatment, they can be controlled.

Arête Pest Control offers preventative mosquito control to a number of surrounding communities outside of Atlanta, GA. To get rid of the mosquitoes in your yard, call one of our trained technicians today click here to contact us online.

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