Wasp Control


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Wasp Control

Are you tired of battling the wasp infestation that has taken over your yard? Just leave it to the professionals at Arete Pest Control. We can quickly provide you with the best wasp control. We only use high-quality products and offer a 100% guarantee, so call us today.

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    Wasp Control

    Do You Need A Wasp Control?

    Wasp nests vary in shape, size, and even location. You may find nests under eaves or exterior fixtures, around window and door frames, and even in or near bushes and trees. Great care should always be taken when trying to eliminate wasps and when doing so, protective equipment should always be worn including long-sleeves, coveralls, gloves, and eyewear.

    Our technicians are trained to identify wasp activity and know exactly how to treat the situation. Allowing us to professionally take care of wasp nest removal in your yard will keep you safe from stings.

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