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Bed Bug Control and Removal

Arete Pest Control is a high-quality bed bug exterminator. If you are having problems with bed bugs, call us for a consultation. We will inspect your home, exterminate the pests and give you tips for how to avoid infestations in future. At Arete Pest Control company, we guarantee several of our pest control services, and we use the latest technology, treatments and products to eliminate bed bugs. Providing bed bug control we ensure you with treatments for effective bed bug extermination and preventive measures to avoid bed bug infestations in future.

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    Common Signs of a Bed Bug Infestation

    Common Signs of a Bed Bugs Infestations

    When you purchase our bed bug control plan, we will dispatch a trained technician to your home to provide inspection and further effective treatment methods for bed bug extermination. The technician will search for signs of a bed bug infestation. For instance, if you have bed bugs, you may notice pale yellow shells left around your bed or mattress. These shells were shed from the bugs. Bed bug excrement looks like small, black dots, and it is generally left around your bed frame, sheets or mattress. When bed bugs are crushed, they leave behind reddish brown stains. These stains are generally most visible on your bed or sheets. A room infested with bed bugs will often have a musty, sweet smell.

    You might have also noticed bed bugs moving around your bed or bedroom. These pests are reddish brown in color. They are visible with the naked eye, but they are tiny, about the size of an apple seed. Bed bugs also have flat bodies that enable them to squeeze into tiny cracks, even cracks as small as the head of a screw.

    Beg bugs can travel through electric sockets and also through cracks in walls. Therefore, if you live in an apartment complex, the bugs can spread from one apartment to another. If you live in an apartment and notice a bed bug infestation, notify your landlord right away. They need to call an exterminator as soon as possible to help prevent the bugs infestation from spreading.

    Bed bugs often come out at nighttime to feed on human blood. They will even sometimes attack animals like dogs or cats. If you have bed bugs, you may wake to find the evidence on your skin. Bed bug bites often leave red, itchy welts on the skin.

    Some people falsely believe that bed bug infestation is a sign of uncleanliness in a home. However, even the cleanest of homes and their furniture can become infested with bed bugs. While homes and hotels are common sites where bed bugs live, these pests can survive in any place where humans live or spend time. Laundries can become infested with bed bugs, and so can trains, department stores, schools and college dorms.

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    Can You Eliminate Bed Bugs on Your Own?

    Bed Bug Treatment on Your Own

    Some people use retail products to fight bed bugs. However, the pests can be especially difficult to extermination impact. They can live for months in hiding without coming out to feed and the problem of bed bug infestation is still in your house. You may not see them for a while, which can lead you to believe they’ve all been eliminated. Just when you let your guard down, the bugs will come out to feed again.

    Some homeowners try multiple sprays and chemical treatments before they find one that works. You also have to pay careful attention to all labels on products. Some of these bugs insecticide solution might even pose a health hazard to humans or pets. It’s best to call in an expert bugs exterminator. Our Arete Pest Control professionals have years of experience to offer you bed bug treatment options. Our pest control company professionals are trained and certified to use our product to eliminate the bugs with effective and proved bed bug extermination methods.

    Some people make the mistake of thinking they can eliminate all the bed bug infestation by simply getting rid of their bed or mattress. However, this rarely works. The bugs are probably hiding around your room, and they can just as easily invade any new furniture you purchase. You should also avoid giving furniture away when you have a bed bug infestations. If you give away a bed or chair with bed bugs in it, you’re likely to spread the infestations to the home of the person who gets your furniture. Instead, you should wrap and seal the infested furniture and have it taken to the proper dump site.

    Things to Know About Bed Bug Bites

    Things to Know About Bed Bug Bites

    In most cases, the bites aren’t harmful to humans. However, if you scratch the bites you could possibly get a skin infection. You can treat bed bug bites by taking antihistamine. You can also apply antiseptic cream or lotion to the area where you’ve been bitten.

    In rare cases, some people have allergic reaction to bed bug bites. Signs of an allergic reaction are as follows:

    1. Pain and swelling
    2. Anaphylaxis
    3. Enlarged bite marks

    Arete exterminators will search for bed bugs in places where they generally hide. For instance, the bugs tend to hide in the following places:

    1. Chair and sofa seams
    2. The folds of curtains
    3. Beneath loose wallpaper
    4. Beneath or inside wall hangings or fixtures
    5. In the spaces where a wall meets the ceiling
    6. The head of a screw
    7. Dresser drawers, desk drawers and cabinet drawers

    If we detect bed bugs in your home, we will use our bed bug spray for the pests extermination. Keep in mind that we generally have to spray for the bugs more than once, and we will schedule any additional visits to your home.

    Tips from Exterminator to Prevent Future Bed Bug Infestation

    People often unknowingly carry bed bugs into a home or business. The bugs can be carried in on a person’s clothing or in luggage transported from one place to another. To prevent a bed bug infestation, you should check your clothes and luggage for bed bugs, especially if you’re traveling from a location known to have bed bugs. You should also check all used furniture for bugs before you bring it into your home.

    To reduce your chances of getting bed bugs, vacuum your home frequently. This helps to get rid of any stray bugs around your home. Regularly wash your bed sheets, pillow cases and blankets. Dry your clothes and linens with heat. You should also reduce clutter in your home. Getting rid of unnecessary items reduces the number of places where bed bugs can hide.

    Tips to Prevent Future Bed Bug Infestations

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