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Skunk Removal 

Providing services in Atlanta GA and surrounding suburban areas. Arete Pest Control Wildlife services can help remove your Skunk problems in your home. We are specialized in removing nuisance from your property with our professionally trained, and insured technicians we can get the job done safely. Our goal is to remove your skunk problem from your home and repair the damages that were caused by these unwanted guests. We want to make sure that we have done our part correctly to make your home a safe haven again.

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    Guaranteed Skunk Removal Services

    Guaranteed Skunk Removal Services

    With Arete Pest Control Wildlife removal we know how to place traps that can trap your skunk problems. Our goal is to provide the best skunk traps to your home and professionally remove your skunk problem. With our baited traps, we can take care of your skunk problem in no time.

    By using our services we guarantee you that we can help remove your skunk problems if they were to occur again in a short period of time. We provide our most trusted, and guaranteed service to your home. We offer the best solutions to treat your skunk problems by providing thorough exclusion and placing our best skunk traps. Call us today and we will send our best skunk control specialists to set up more traps to eliminate your skunk problems.

    Signs of Skunk Infestation

    Signs of Skunk Infestation

    As a common nuisance animal in Atlanta GA skunks can plunder your property looking for food, water, and shelter. Skunks can also wander into your yard or garden to dig through sod, causing time-consuming damage. You may need to look out for the following signs to make sure you don’t have skunks in your home or property. If you are noticing these common signs of skunks around your home today, call us at 770-954-8770 or simply click here to contact us.

    • Skunk Smell
    • Tracks
    • Droppings
    • Ground Depression
    • Sightings near a burrow
    Skunks in my Property

    Skunks in my Property

    Skunks are commonly known for their putrid smell. This is often a sure sign that they are on or near your property. Skunk spray can reach and spread a decent distance from where it actually occurred. If you notice the smell of skunk spray more than once in a short time period, consider preventative actions.

    Skunk Tracks and Droppings

    Skunk Tracks and Droppings

    Skunks have very unique paw prints in comparison to similar-sized animals, which are easy to notice. The front paws can be compared to a cat but with notably longer claws that show in their paw prints, as they do not retract like cat claws. Skunks also have five toes, while cats have four toes. A skunk’s droppings look and are a similar size to that of a cat’s. The main difference is that skunk droppings contain undigested foods like seeds, feathers, berries, or insects. Normally where you could possibly find evidence of skunks may be underneath your home, patio shed, or any location that has crawling space for skunks to enter.

    Ground Depression

    Ground Depression

    Skunks are attracted to food, water, and shelter. Skunks are attracted to ground worms, grubs, and other insects. Skunks will burrow in the ground to eat these insects but in return will cause excessive damage to your lawn. Skunks search for food in the yard by digging little three to four-inch half-moon-shaped depressions into the ground. Similar to raccoons, they will damage the sod on lawns. Skunks search for grubs and other insects and will move on to their next location if non are to be found. Leaving your lawn a costly mess to fix up. A good way of making your property unattractive is to manage how many insects and small critters there are. With Arete pest control services we can eliminate the insects on your lawn that can avoid another wildlife infestation in your home.

    Skunk Removal Georgia

    Take Action Now

    If you notice any signs of these specific activities you should take action immediately. Once we get the call we can send our certified and trained wildlife technicians to review your needs and provide solutions to your wildlife animal infestation. With our wildlife removal services, we can help control your skunk problem. Call us at 770-954-8770 or simply click here to contact.

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