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  • We are relatively new customers and so far we are very happy with our service from Darion. He’s so friendly and upbeat! Love that and obviously getting rid of the bugs is the best part!!!

    SB 9876 Avatar SB 9876
    November 1, 2023
  • Darion did a fantastic job! Super professional, personable, quick and efficient. If you can request someone, Darion is your guy!

    Sean O'Keefe Avatar Sean O'Keefe
    November 1, 2023
  • The professionalism that was displayed by Darion was outstanding. He did a mesquite treatment for me and I haven't seen one since. 5 STARS!!!

    KVR Black Avatar KVR Black
    November 1, 2023

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Spanish Fork Pest Control Services

Discover unmatched pest control services with Arete Pest Control in Spanish Fork, UT. We offer the following services: ant control, centipede control, millipede control, cricket control, earwig control, flea control, mosquito control, pill bug control, roach control, silverfish control, spider control, stink bug control, termite control, wasp control, bee control, and rodent control for mice and rats.

What Sets Our Pest Control Services Apart?

  • Customized Service Plans: Select from monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly plans for your convenience.
  • Complimentary Re-Services: Should pests return between scheduled treatments, we’ll revisit your home free of charge.
  • Pest-Specific Solutions: Our experts use targeted products for different pest types for effective control.
  • Risk-Free Guarantee: We offer a money-back guarantee if we can’t resolve your pest issues.
  • Family-Safe Treatment Program: Trust our program to be both safe for your family and effective against pests.
  • Exceptional Team Service: Our experienced employees are committed to delivering top-tier pest control.

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    Trusted Pest Control and Treatment Experts in Spanish Fork, Utah

    Trusted Exterminator Services Among Pest Control Companies in Spanish Fork, Utah

    Arete Pest Control knows that pests can be a nuisance and shouldn’t be taken lightly. That is why we always take the necessary steps to inspect, identify, and treat pest issue(s) correctly. We will diagnose the problem, suggest an effective solution to remediate the case, and protect you from future infestations.

    Comprehensive Inspections and Prevention: Key to Effective Pest Control Services

    Arete Pest Control prioritizes the hygiene and well-being of families in Spanish Fork, so all of the products we use in our pest control services are EPA-approved. Call us for insect control and pest management services.

    Our Customer Care and Value

    In Spanish Fork, our pest control company distinguishes itself by offering discounted rates on bundled services, addressing a comprehensive range of UT pest control needs. Our qualified pest control professionals are well-equipped with the chemicals and equipment to tackle each job precisely.

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    Here’s what our Customers are saying
    Ant Removal Made Simple

    Ant Control Spanish Fork

    Arete Pest Control provides ant control services tailored to your needs. Our team begins by inspecting your property to identify the extent of the infestation. We then develop a customized treatment plan utilizing the latest products and techniques to target ants without harming your family or pets.


    Centipede/Millipede Control

    Property owners can rest assured that Arete Pest Control will provide effective solutions. Each of our treatments targets the source of the problem so that you get quick, lasting relief from their centipede control woes. Our team puts customer satisfaction at the forefront of what we do because we know how frustrating and detrimental these pests can be. With Arete Pest Control, you get reliable results backed by years of experience and top-notch customer support!


    Cricket Control

    Crickets can be a significant annoyance when they invade your home. We understand the frustration. That’s why we offer comprehensive cricket control services designed to quickly and effectively eliminate these pests from your property. We then develop a customized treatment plan that utilizes eco-friendly products and techniques to target crickets at every stage of their life cycle.


    Earwig Control Service

    We understand the potential worry and distress that can be caused by earwigs in your home or business premises, so we ensure fast responses. We also provide continued support after our initial treatment, offering advice on best practices for customers who want to take additional steps to protect their premises. 


    Flea Control: Targeting Pests and Preventing an Infestation

    Arete Pest Control provides flea control services in and around Spanish Fork, Utah. Our highly trained technicians use safe and effective treatments to quickly eliminate fleas, minimizing the spread of disease-carrying parasites. We understand that your time is valuable, so we provide fast and secure solutions to help you resolve your flea problem efficiently and effectively.

    Types of Mosquitoes

    Mosquito Control by Pest Control Experts

    Arete Pest Control offers mosquito control services to protect your home from these pesky pests. We begin by conducting a thorough inspection of your property to identify breeding sites and areas of infestation. We then develop a treatment plan that safely eliminates mosquitoes and keeps them away for weeks. We also advise on ways to prevent future mosquito infestations.

    pill bugs

    Pill Bug Control

    Pill bugs can be a persistent nuisance in your home, but at Arete Pest Control, we have the expertise and experience necessary to eliminate these pests from your property. With our help, you can say goodbye to pill bugs and again enjoy a pest-free home.

    Tips to Prevent Future Cockroach Infestations

    Roach Control

    We offer roach control services designed to quickly and effectively eliminate these pests from your home. Our team begins by conducting a thorough inspection to identify the source of the infestation and the type of roaches present. We then develop a customized treatment plan that utilizes eco-friendly products and techniques to target roaches.


    Silverfish Control

    Silverfish can be a persistent nuisance in your home, but we have the expertise and experience to eliminate these pests from your property. We come up with a treatment plan that includes eco-friendly products and techniques to target silverfish without causing harm to bystanders. With our help, you can say goodbye to silverfish and enjoy a pest-free home again.

    What is the Joro Spider?

    Control of Spiders in Spanish Fork: Ensuring Spider-Free Environments

    Spiders can make your home feel less comfortable, and some species can even pose a risk to your health. At Arete Pest Control, we provide comprehensive spider control services tailored to your needs. Our technicians will first identify the spider species and develop a treatment plan that works for your situation; we use various safe and effective spider control techniques to eliminate spiders from your property and prevent their return.


    Stink Bug Control

    Stink bugs are another household pest that can quickly become a problem. At Arete, our trained technicians will assess the extent of the infestation and then develop a customized treatment plan to target the stink bugs and their eggs.

    How to Detect Termites

    Termite Control

    We understand that termites can cause severe damage to your home and household items like furniture. That’s why we offer termite-focused control services to quickly and effectively eliminate these pests from your home. We also offer professional advice on ways to prevent future infestation.

    Wasp Control

    Wasps/Bees Control

    Wasp and bee infestations can be very dangerous, especially for those allergic to their stings. At Arete Pest Control, we understand that wasp and bee infestations can be stressful, so we provide exceptional customer service throughout the process. Our team will work with you to develop a customized plan that meets your specific needs and budget. We will also answer any questions and keep you informed about our progress.

    Rodent Control: Combating Mice and Rats

    At Arete Pest Control, we specialize in comprehensive control of rodents, tackling both mice and rat infestations with precision and efficiency.

    Mouse Control

    Mice are not just a nuisance but a persistent challenge in homes. Our approach involves a detailed inspection to gauge the infestation’s scope and the damage caused. We then craft a tailored treatment plan combining chemical and non-chemical strategies to target mice across their lifecycle.

    Rat Control

    Rats pose significant health risks and can inflict considerable damage on properties. Our expertise extends to implementing preventive strategies, including sealing potential entry points and conducting regular inspections, to ensure these pests don’t recur.

    Get Your Free Pest Inspection from Our Pest Control Company

    Don’t wait to take care of your pest problem. Contact us today for a free inspection to see if you have an infestation that needs to be addressed. We are here to help you and provide the best service possible, so call us now or contact us online!

    Ensuring Comfort in Spanish Fork Homes and Businesses

    Spanish Fork is a mid-sized city in Utah County, Utah. It has a population of 42,602 as of 2020 and is part of the Provo–Orem Metropolitan Statistical Area. The town is about nine miles south of Provo and was named after the Spanish Fork River, which flows through the area.

    Spanish Fork is still home to many agricultural businesses, such as dairies, ranches, farms, and other industries. The city also offers a variety of recreational activities, such as golfing, fishing, and camping.

    Furthermore, Spanish Fork is a growing city with many places to explore. There are numerous parks, shopping centers, museums, and other attractions for visitors. The area also offers several schools and universities as well as healthcare services.

    Addressing Pest Problems with Arete Pest Control

    Arete Pest Control is dedicated to ensuring that the homes and businesses in Spanish Fork remain comfortable and safe from pest infestations. We understand the unique challenges that come with preserving the charm of this historic yet modern city, and we’re committed to providing effective pest control solutions that respect the community’s heritage and future aspirations.

    We offer Spanish Fork pest control solutions to areas located within this zip code of 84660