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We understand that Alpharetta homeowners and business owners have unique pest control needs. We offer customized pest control solutions for Alpharetta residents and businesses with a money-back guarantee. Our Alpharetta pest control experts are highly trained and experienced in treating all types of pests, including spiders, wasps, termites, mosquitoes, bed bugs, ants, roaches, silverfish, centipedes, earwigs, crickets, pill bugs, mice rats, among others.

We are so passionate that we guarantee we will eliminate your pests. As part of our Alpharetta Pest Control services, we offer free re-services. If your pest infestation returns, we will apply another treatment. It doesn’t matter how minor or severe the infestation is, we will work tirelessly to solve your pest issue once and for all.

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    Effective Alpharetta Pest Control Service: Protection, Prevention, and Effective Treatments


    Control Arete Pest Control is skilled in managing centipedes and millipedes. We provide prevention and control measures, including exclusion techniques and fast-acting insecticides. Our expert team will evaluate the situation, devise a personalized plan, and act swiftly to address the issue.


    Noticing crickets in Alpharetta? Contact Arete Pest Control. Our skilled technicians will pinpoint the source and craft an effective strategy to eliminate them. We use safe methods to ensure the well-being of your family and pets.


    Facing a flea problem in Alpharetta? Let Arete Pest Control assist. Our technicians are adept at swiftly and safely handling infestations. Plus, we offer tips to avoid future flea issues. Rely on us to safeguard your space against future mosquito challenges.


    Cockroach issues? Arete Pest Control has your back. Our advanced roach control services eliminate these pests and deter future invasions. Whether it’s German, American, Oriental, or smoky brown cockroaches, our seasoned technicians in Alpharetta can identify and tackle them. We use a mix of surface treatments, baiting, and liquid applications, ensuring eradication and long-term prevention. Trust us for rapid and safe solutions.


    Encountering spiders like joro, black widow, brown recluse, or wolf spiders in Alpharetta? Trust Arete Pest Control to safeguard your properties. We combine treatments to tackle current spider issues and ward off future infestations.

    Stink Bugs

    In Alpharetta Stink bugs can escalate into major infestations if unchecked. Arete Pest Control provides specialized treatments for Alpharetta residents to eradicate and prevent stink bug returns, ensuring peace of mind for homeowners and businesses alike.


    Specializing in termite control, Arete Pest Control employs baiting systems, liquid termiticides, and more to rid properties of these pests. Spotting termite signs? It’s crucial to act swiftly. Unaddressed, they can severely damage structures and furniture. Contact Arete for a thorough inspection, pinpointing infestation sources, and implementing tailored treatments for effective termite eradication.


    Wasps and bees can pose risks, especially for those with allergies. Arete Pest Control delivers expert wasp and bee control in Alpharetta, ensuring safety. Our technicians adeptly locate and remove nests and apply preventive solutions, keeping your property sting-free.


    Alpharetta’s warm climate can attract rodents. Trust Arete Pest Control to safeguard your property with effective rodent control solutions, including trapping and removal, ensuring long-term protection.


    Targeted Treatment and Control Strategies Against Pests

    At Arete Pest Control in Alpharetta, we offer more than just control; our services extend to comprehensive treatments for ants and mosquitoes. As a trusted pest control company, we provide specialized treatments and services, ensuring effective management and prevention. Our team of skilled exterminators is dedicated to delivering solutions that address the unique challenges of these pests.


    At Arete Pest Control, we offer high-quality solutions for ant infestations in Alpharetta. If ants persist after two weeks, we’ll treat your space again. Our seasoned team provides tailored plans using top-notch treatments for effective and safe removal. In Alpharetta, we see carpenter ants, odorous house ants, and fire ants. Carpenter ants burrow into wood, odorous ones emit a foul smell when crushed, and fire ants create dirt mounds. Trust Arete Pest Control for swift and secure ant elimination regardless of the type.

    Mosquito Control

    Arete Pest Control in Alpharetta, GA, offers expert solutions to your mosquito concerns. Our team excels at pinpointing and tackling mosquito hotspots. We effectively diminish mosquito populations by deploying specialized treatments like larvacides and adulticides. Given the potential health risks mosquitoes pose, timely intervention is


    Our Exterminator Team Specializes in Wildlife Control Services

    At Arete Pest Control, we pride ourselves on being more than just a pest control company; we are a team of dedicated pest control specialists and exterminators skilled in a variety of services, including wildlife control. Our approach combines expert treatment strategies with humane wildlife management techniques.

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    Experience the Charm of Alpharetta, GA, with Arete Pest Control Services

    Alpharetta is a vibrant city located in northern Fulton County, Georgia. With an elevation of 1,135 feet and temperatures that range from 38°F (3°C) in winter to highs in the summer, there is always something for everyone to enjoy. The city has a population of 65,818 as of the 2020 US Census and is part of the Atlanta metropolitan area.

    Mayor Jim Gilvin runs the city and has many neighborhoods within its city limits, including Alpharetta, Alpha Park, and Andover North. Each neighborhood provides residents with something different to explore and experience – from outdoor activities to shopping, dining, and more. The city also has several parks, including Wills Park and Webb Bridge Park, offering natural beauty and recreational activities.

    And while you’re enjoying all that Alpharetta has to offer, remember that Arete Pest Control is here to handle any pest problems you might face. At Arete Pest Control, our seasoned exterminators are committed to providing exceptional treatment and service. As experts in pest control treatments, we are committed to managing all insects and bugs, ensuring Alpharetta remains a delightful, pest-free environment. Our status as one of the reliable pest control companies in the area underpins our dedication to minimizing pest encounters. We focus on providing top-tier pest control services to enhance your experience in Alpharetta, ensuring it remains uninterrupted by pest issues.

    We offer pest control services to zip codes 30004, 30005, 30009, 30022, and 30076.