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Rat Control Service

Struggling with rat invasions in your home or business? Our rat control services are the key to reclaiming your space. Here’s how we excel:

  • Customized Plans: Choose from monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly plans tailored to your specific circumstances.
  • Free Re-Service Guarantee: In case you require extra support between scheduled treatments, we’ll come back at no additional cost.
  • Rat-Specific Techniques: Our experts use strategies and products specifically designed for different rat species, ensuring their effective elimination and preventing future infestations.
  • Risk-Free Commitment: Our Money Back Guarantee ensures your satisfaction. If we can’t resolve your rat problem, we will refund your most recent service payment for as long as you’re our client.
  • Family-Safe Practices: Our Exclusive Pest Treatment Program is developed to be safe for your family and pets while delivering effective results.
  • Professional Team: Our dedicated experts are committed to providing superior service, treating your property with the utmost respect and care.

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    Rat Infestation Prevention: Comprehensive Strategies Against Pests

    Addressing rodent problems swiftly is crucial, especially when dealing with rats. These pests can reproduce quickly, leading to significant infestations that are tough to manage. Rats can infiltrate homes through tiny openings, contaminating food in your kitchen pantry and other storage areas. Their habit of gnawing on wood and even electrical wiring poses serious structural and fire hazards.

    To deter rats, you must eliminate their potential food sources which may cause rat infestation. Clean up all food crumbs around your home. Keep your floors swept clean. Store food in containers that rats cannot easily chew through. Take out your kitchen trash as soon as it’s full or whenever you have smelly food inside your trash can. Keep a tight-fitting lid over your kitchen garbage to prevent rats from accessing it. You should also seal off any holes you find in your home. Rats can easily locate any existing small holes and gnaw on them to widen the holes and gain entry to a home. They can also enter a home through vents.

    Homeowners sometimes attempt to eliminate a rodent infestation by using certain smells. Some homeowners have had success by using peppermint, ammonia, vinegar and coffee grounds to deter rats. However, you will need to replenish and respray these odors if you want them to be effective against rats.

    When You Need to Call Professional Exterminators for Mice, Rats, and Rodents

    While some homeowners try to handle these pest issues alone, the risk of overlooking critical entry points is high. DIY methods like special poison, bait stations, or rat traps can be hazardous to untrained individuals and non-targeted species. Therefore, employing professional pest control technicians is highly advisable for effective and safe rodent extermination. Our skilled rodent exterminator team is trained to detect signs of rodent activity, identify their entry points, and implement robust rodent exclusion strategies.

    Rat Control Services

    Effective Rodent Control Services

    Facing a persistent pest problem, especially when it involves rodents like rats and mice, requires a specialized approach. Rodents, known for their agility in tight spaces, present unique challenges in a pest control service. At our pest control company, we excel in offering tailored rodent control services, focusing on effective strategies for rodent removal and exclusion.

    Our services, designed to tackle any pest problem, include:

    • Advanced Rodent Removal Techniques: Trapping and Bait Systems
    • Specialized Spot Treatments for Immediate Pest Problem Resolution
    • Rodent Exclusion Services to Seal Entry Points
    • Thorough Extended Perimeter Prevention for Sustainable Pest Control
    • Detailed Interior Crack and Crevice Treatments for Comprehensive Rodent Control

    The Different Rat Traps: Key to Exterminator’s Pest Control Process

    There are several types of rat traps commonly used for rodent control. Some of the most common rat trap types include:

    Snap Traps

    These are the traditional wooden or a plastic trap with a spring-loaded mechanism. When the rat triggers the trap by touching the bait, a metal bar snaps shut, quickly killing the rodent.

    Electronic Rat Traps

    These traps deliver an electric shock to the rat when it enters the trap. They are designed to be humane and kill the rodent quickly.

    Glue Traps

    Glue trap consists of a sticky adhesive surface that captures rats when they walk onto it. These traps are non-lethal but require disposal of the trapped rodent.

    Live Traps

    Live trapping are designed to capture rats alive so they can be released elsewhere. They are typically cage-like structures with a one-way entry mechanism.

    Bucket Traps

    These DIY traps involve placing a ramp leading to a bucket filled with water. A floating platform in the bucket is baited, and when the rat steps on it, it falls into the water and drowns.

    Multi-Catch Trap

    These traps are designed to capture multiple rats without resetting the trap after each catch. They are often used in commercial settings.

    How Can Our Services Benefit You?

    Enhanced Rodent Control and Treatment Services for Lasting Peace of Mind

    Arete Pest Control offers comprehensive rodent inspection and control services. If you suspect a mouse or rat infestation, contact us for a detailed inspection of your property. Our exterminators, trained in identifying rodent activity, will search for signs such as dark, shiny droppings, nests, scratches, and chew marks on wood, or chewed paper and plastic, all indicative of a rodent problem. Upon confirmation of an infestation, we’ll develop a customized pest control plan tailored to your needs.

    Our rat exclusion service is a key part of our offering. We carefully inspect your home, identify and seal off entry points, ensuring effective prevention against future invasions. This service is backed by our customer guarantee, promising to revisit and rectify any issues if rats re-enter after our treatment.

    Choose Arete Pest Control Services

    Dealing with rodents, particularly mice and rats, can be distressing and a nuisance, especially in homes with children and pets. Our team at Arete Pest Control is dedicated to alleviating these concerns by providing top-notch pest control services. Avoid the frustration and wasted resources associated with DIY extermination methods by trusting our experienced technicians. We bring a combination of expertise, high-quality products, and a reliable pest control plan to effectively solve your rodent issues.

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