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  • We are relatively new customers and so far we are very happy with our service from Darion. He’s so friendly and upbeat! Love that and obviously getting rid of the bugs is the best part!!!

    SB 9876 Avatar SB 9876
    November 1, 2023
  • Darion did a fantastic job! Super professional, personable, quick and efficient. If you can request someone, Darion is your guy!

    Sean O'Keefe Avatar Sean O'Keefe
    November 1, 2023
  • The professionalism that was displayed by Darion was outstanding. He did a mesquite treatment for me and I haven't seen one since. 5 STARS!!!

    KVR Black Avatar KVR Black
    November 1, 2023

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Pest Control Lawrenceville, GA: Our Service for Your Pest Problems

At Arete Pest Control, we offer a range of pest control services, including ant control, earwig control, flea control, mosquito control, pill bug control, cockroach control, spider control, silverfish control, stink bug control, termite control, wasp/bee control, mice control, rat control, rodent control, opossum control, raccoon control, bat control, skunk control, and vole control.

What Sets Our Pest Control Company Apart?

  • Customizable Plans: Monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly services.
  • Free Re-Service: We’ll return for free if needed between regular treatments.
  • Specialized Ant Treatments: Targeted solutions for specific ant problems.
  • Risk-Free Assurance: Money Back Guarantee if we can’t solve your pest issue.
  • Family-Safe Approach: Our exclusive program guarantees safe, effective pest control results.
  • Expert Team: Our professionals deliver top-quality service.

Contact your pest exterminator to protect your home from pests and wildlife issues.

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    Pest Control and Exterminator Service in Lawrenceville, GA

    Lawrenceville Pest Control Services: Your Home & Business Protection Against Wildlife, Rodents and Insects

    As a local pest exterminator, we ensure you get the best and most reliable pest management while also providing excellent customer service so you can always feel comfortable working with us. We only use EPA-approved products and methods; our proven techniques will ensure success. So, call us for the best Lawrenceville pest control.

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    Here’s what our Customers are saying
    Ant Removal Made Simple

    Ant Control 

    We will help you rid your home of ants. We have effective methods for hard-to-control species like Argentine ants and carpenter ants, as well as common ant species like pavement ants and odorous house ants.


    Centipede and Millipede Control

    We offer customized treatments and products for your home. These insects are not typically dangerous but can be a nuisance. Our pest exterminator uses a specialized approach to help get rid of millipedes from your home. Call Arete for millipede control services.


    Cricket Control

    Our experienced technician will develop a customized treatment plan to eliminate these pests from your home, giving you peace of mind.


    Earwig Control

    Earwigs are pesky bugs that can do a lot of damage in a short amount of time. Don’t wait for an infestation; call us today for specialized products to keep earwigs away from your property.


    Effective Pest Management: Flea Control

    Fleas in the home can lead to skin irritation and even spread diseases. So let us help you identify and eliminate fleas with specialized solution for the best results.

    Types of Mosquitoes

    Mosquito Control

    Mosquitoes can be a nuisance in any yard, but when they invade the inside of your home, it’s time to call us. We have specialized treatments for mosquitoes that will keep them out of your home.

    pill bugs

    Pill Bug Control

    We offer specialized products that target pill bugs, giving you the peace of mind that pests won’t be a problem for your property.

    Tips to Prevent Future Cockroach Infestations

    Roach Control

    Roaches can be challenging to control, but our professional team knows how to eliminate them. We use the latest techniques and products to ensure your home is free of cockroaches. Call Arete Pest Control for cockroach control services. 


    Silverfish Control

    Silverfish are small silver insects that can be difficult to spot but can cause significant damage to your belongings. We provide specialized products to keep these pests away from your home. Call Arete Pest Control for silverfish control services. 

    What is the Joro Spider?

    Spider Control

    Some spider species bite can be dangerous for people and pets. We offer specialized treatment to help control spider populations in your home, giving you more peace of mind. Call Arete Pest Control for spider control services. 


    Stink Bug Control

    Unwanted and smelly, stink bugs can infest homes quickly. So let us help you identify and eliminate these insects with specialized treatments for the best results.

    How to Detect Termites

    Termite Control: Safeguard Your Property From These Dangerous Pests

    Termites are a severe issue in the Southeast, and taking action is essential before they severely damage your property. We offer the latest solutions and products to eradicate termites from your home and protect against future termites infestations.

    Wasp Control

    Wasp and Bee Control

    We provide professional wasp and bee control to local homeowners, so you don’t have to put yourself at risk. We are skilled at safely locating nests, removing existing nests, and implementing preventative measures to help keep them away for good.

    rodent control

    Rodent Control & Preventive Treatments

    We offer local residents a variety of rodent control, such as trapping and rodents removal, that will ensure your property is safe for a long time.

    Mouse Control

    Protect Yourself and Your Pets: Mice & Rat Control

    If you have noticed signs of mice or rats in your home, it is time to take action. We use comprehensive rats approaches and products to rid your property of these rodents quickly and effectively.

    Bat Removal

    Bat Removal – Safeguard Your Home & Pets

    Bats benefit the environment but can also be dangerous if not handled properly. For example, our Lawrenceville GA pest control services include the expertise needed for effective and safe bat removal.

    opposum removal

    Opossum Removal Lawrenceville

    Opossums often take up residences near homes and can be difficult to trap and remove without the help of a professional. We safely and humanely remove opossums from your property to ensure your safety as well as wildlife protection.


    Humane Wildlife Control: Raccoon Removal

    Raccoons can cause extensive damage to your home if not handled properly. We offer professional raccoons removal and repairs for any damage that may have occurred.

    Skunk Removal

    Skunk Removal

    Skunks can be dangerous if not handled properly. We offer professional skunk removal and repairs for any damage that may have occurred.

    Squirrel Elimination

    Squirrel Removal

    Squirrels are agile and hard to trap without the proper tools and experience. However, our technicians have the expertise needed for successful squirrels removal to ensure wildlife protection.

    Vole Removal

    Vole Removal

    Voles can cause significant damage to lawns, gardens, and plants. Our professionals are trained to correctly identify, trap and remove voles from your property.

    Get Your Free Pest Inspection – Lawrenceville GA Pest Control Company Solutions

    Our team is here to help you keep your home or business free of pests. Call us today to schedule a free inspection and see how we can protect your property from unwanted critters.

    Lawrenceville, GA, Has Something for Everyone

    Lawrenceville is a vibrant city located in Gwinnett County, just 30 miles northeast of downtown Atlanta. With a population estimated at over 30,000 as of 2020, It offers its residents plenty to explore and enjoy. The city is known for its mild climate, with average temperatures around 51°F (11°C) and 84% humidity.

    Residents can take advantage of the abundance of outdoor activities and events such as hiking, biking, and rock climbing in nearby parks, attending outdoor movies at dusk, or strolling through the historic downtown district. This city is also known for its vibrant arts culture, with various venues offering live music performances, plays, and art exhibitions.

    It has unique boutiques and stores ranging from antiques to vintage. For dining, It has a wide variety of restaurants, rooftop venues, and romantic eateries. Those seeking a more casual option will appreciate grab-and-go menus available throughout Lawrenceville. It has excellent dining, shopping, and entertainment options.

    If you live within the zip codes of 30043, 30046, and 30049, or any of the areas close by, give us a call now. Our expert techs are thrilled to showcase our efficient pest services to you.

    If you live within the Lawrenceville zip codes of 30043, 30046, and 30049, or any of the areas close by, give us a call now. Our expert pest control nearby techs are thrilled to showcase our efficient pest services to you.