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    Arete Pest ControlNational CompanyLocal Company 1Local Company 2Local Company 3
    Service FrequencyQuarterlyBimonthlyQuarterlyQuarterlyQuarterly
    Standard Interior TreatmentAttic, plumbing voids, windows, doorway, window sills, baseboards, cracks and crevicesInside walls, cracks and creviceUpon requestCracks and crevices, entry pointsBaseboards
    Standard Exterior TreatmentSprays, de-web, Granules, dusting for weepholes, expansion jointsSpray, Granules, Gels, De-webSpray and GranulesSpray and GranulesSpray, Granules, De-web, Powder
    Max Height of Spider Web Removal30'30-35'16'30'
    Knock Down Wasp Nests Up to 30 feet30'30-35'16'30'
    Pre-Treat "De-Webber" Pole Deter future wasp and spider activity
    Granular Treatment Around Home's Foundation15'As NeededAs NeededOnly when it rains5-10'
    Standard Pests Not IncludedTicks and fleasTicksFleas, wasps and hornets if nest is bigger than your fist, german roaches
    Offer Termite Programs
    Offer Bed Bug Control
    Multiple Discounts Available
    Discounts for Bundled Services

    At Arête Pest Control, dedication to serving our customers and providing the ultimate service experience is our priority. We value our customer’s time and the money they spend on their pest control service. We want our customers to be happy and we want to earn their business. The key to our success is treating our customers well and using quality products. We back the protection of all our customer’s homes with a 100% guarantee. We are committed to helping our customers live a bug free life style.

    Here are just a few reasons why you should choose Arête Pest Control:

    • We tailor our service to you: monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly plans are available.
    • If you ever need a re-service in between your regularly scheduled treatments, we’ll come do it for free.
    • We use specific products designed for specific bugs. Let our professionals treat for your specific problem.
    • Our team of trusted employees provides top of the line service.