Wood Cockroaches: A Comprehensive Guide to Identification and Extermination

Welcome to our guide on wood cockroaches (Parcoblatta pennsylvanica), a common outdoor pest in North America. If you’ve encountered these roaches and want to learn more about them, understand their habits, or find effective ways to manage their presence, you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, we will provide you with in-depth information and expert insights to help you navigate the world of wood cockroaches.

Wood Cockroaches

Identifying Wood Cockroaches

The wood cockroach, known scientifically as Parcoblatta pennsylvanica, is an insect species native to North America. Unlike other cockroaches, they are outdoor pests and are not typically found indoors unless accidentally carried inside on firewood or through open windows and doors.

Wood cockroaches are brown in color, and their bodies are flat and oval-shaped, with a size ranging from half an inch to an inch long. They have long, thread-like antennae and wings. The males of this species can fly, though not very adeptly, and are often mistaken for moths. Female wood cockroaches have small, non-functional wings, making them incapable of flight.

These roaches are most active during the evening and are particularly attracted to light sources. They feed on organic material, like decaying wood and leaves.

Common Extermination Techniques for Wood Cockroaches

Effective extermination of wood cockroaches typically involves a multifaceted approach:

  1. Sanitation and Prevention: Clean up leaf litter and wood piles near your home. Maintain a buffer zone free of mulch and organic debris around the foundation of your house. Check firewood before bringing it inside to ensure it’s not harboring roaches.
  2. Baits and Insecticides: Baits containing boric acid can effectively kill wood cockroaches. Insecticides can also be sprayed around the perimeter of your home to create a barrier against these pests.
  3. Professional Pest Control: If the infestation is severe, hiring a professional pest control service might be necessary. They can use stronger insecticides and have the expertise to ensure the roaches are fully exterminated.


Are you dealing with a wood cockroach infestation? Don’t let these pests ruin your peace of mind. Contact our professional extermination service now for a fast, effective solution.