Opossums: Species, Behavior, and Effective Management

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on opossums, fascinating marsupials that inhabit various regions of the United States. As expert pest control professionals, we are here to provide you with valuable insights into the different types of opossums, their behavior, and effective management techniques. Join us as we delve into the world of these unique creatures and discover their remarkable adaptations.

Sepia Short-tailed Opossum

Interesting Facts about Opossums:

  • Opossums are marsupials, which means they carry their young in a pouch. However, their pouch is not well-developed compared to other marsupials like kangaroos or koalas.
  • They have a unique defense mechanism called “playing dead” or “playing possum.” When threatened, opossums may go into a state of paralysis, lying motionless with their tongues hanging out and emitting a foul odor. This behavior is an involuntary response to stress.
  • Opossums are omnivores with a diverse diet. They consume a wide range of foods, including fruits, insects, small mammals, birds, eggs, carrion, and even garbage. Their adaptable feeding habits make them effective scavengers.

Effective Opossum Management

If you are facing opossum-related issues on your property, it’s important to address them promptly and responsibly. Here are some effective management strategies:


Identify and seal off any potential entry points, such as gaps in fences, holes in walls, or open vents, to prevent opossums from accessing your property.

Habitat Modification

Remove potential food sources, such as fallen fruits, pet food, and garbage, which can attract opossums. Keep trash cans secure and clear away debris that may serve as hiding spots.

Professional Assistance

If opossums have become a persistent problem or if you are unsure about handling them safely, it is best to seek professional assistance. Our skilled pest control team has the knowledge and experience to handle opossum-related issues effectively and humanely.

Opossums are remarkable creatures with unique adaptations that have allowed them to thrive in various habitats across the United States. By understanding their behavior and implementing effective management strategies, you can ensure a harmonious coexistence with opossums. Remember, if you need professional assistance in dealing with opossum-related concerns, don’t hesitate to contact us at Arete Pest Control. Our dedicated team is ready to help you address opossum issues and provide expert solutions.


If you are experiencing opossum-related issues on your property, don’t wait. Contact us at Arete Pest Control for professional assistance in effectively managing opossums. Our knowledgeable team is here to provide expert solutions and ensure a pest-free environment.