Madeira Cockroaches: Identification and Extermination Techniques

Madeira Cockroaches, known by their Latin name Leucophaea maderae, are an intriguing species in the realm of entomology. Originating from the Madeira islands of Portugal, these pests are known to spread quickly and are a prevalent species in many parts of the world.



Identifying Madeira Cockroaches

Madeira Cockroaches are among the larger species of cockroaches, reaching up to 1.5 inches in length when fully grown. Their bodies are elongated, sporting a glossy brown coloration, which helps to blend with their environment. The adult males have full wings but rarely use them to fly, while the females have wing pads and are flightless. The young, or nymphs, are smaller and darker, gradually acquiring the adult coloration as they mature.

Biology of Madeira Cockroaches

Madeira Cockroaches are nocturnal insects with an omnivorous diet, feeding on plant matter, decaying organic material, and even other insects. Females are ovoviviparous, which means they give birth to live young after carrying the eggs inside their bodies. They reproduce quickly, contributing to their ability to infest areas rapidly.

Extermination Techniques

Madeira Cockroaches can become problematic pests due to their quick breeding and potential for disease transmission. Here are some common extermination methods:

  1. Insecticide application: Using a professionally registered insecticide is a common approach to controlling Madeira Cockroach infestations. It’s important to target areas where they breed and thrive.
  2. Bait stations: These contain attractive food laced with insecticide. The cockroaches feed on the bait, carry it back to their nest, and poison the whole population.

Professional Pest Control Services: Due to the potential risks and proper application techniques required for recurring infestations, hiring a professional cockroach control service is often recommended.


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