Furniture Beetles: Identification, Habitat, Behavior, and Control

Furniture beetles, or Anobium punctatum, are small, wood-boring insects commonly found worldwide. This species is known for causing damage to wooden structures and furniture. Recognizing, preventing, and controlling a furniture beetle infestation is essential to protect your home and its assets.

Furniture Beetles

Identifying Furniture Beetles

Furniture beetles are small, typically 3-5mm in length, with an elongated and cylindrical body. Their color ranges from reddish-brown to dark brown. The beetle’s head is not visible from above as it is concealed beneath the prothorax (the first segment of the thorax). The beetle’s surface has a fine, yellowish fuzz.

The most apparent sign of a furniture beetle infestation is the presence of small, round exit holes (about 1-2mm in diameter) in the wood. They leave a fine, powdery, wood-colored frass (sawdust) near these holes and on the surrounding surface. Adult beetles are often seen during summer, emerging from timber after completing their life cycle.

The Latin Name for Furniture Beetles

The Latin name for the furniture beetle is Anobium punctatum. This name comes from the Greek ‘anobium,’ which means ‘that which eats up,’ and ‘punctatum,’ a Latin term for ‘dotted’ or ‘punctured,’ a reference to the puncture-like exit holes they create in wood.

Extermination Techniques for Furniture Beetles

  1. Pesticides: The most common method to exterminate furniture beetles is using insecticides. These chemicals can be directly applied to the infested wood.
  2. Heat Treatment: This method involves heating the infested furniture to a temperature the beetles can’t survive. This is usually done in a controlled environment.
  3. Fumigation: In severe cases, fumigation might be necessary. This process involves treating the entire structure with pesticides.
  4. Freezing: Small infested items can be wrapped in plastic and placed in a freezer for about two weeks to kill the beetles.

While minor infestations can sometimes be treated by homeowners, professional pest control services are often necessary to ensure complete eradication of the beetles.


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