Foreign Grain Beetles: Identification, Habitat, Behavior, and Control

Foreign Grain Beetles, scientifically known as Ahasverus advena, are common pests that infest stored grains and can cause significant damage to food products. This page provides comprehensive information on identifying these beetles, their Latin name, and effective extermination techniques to eliminate their presence.

Foreign Grain Beetles


Foreign Grain Beetles are small insects measuring approximately 2 to 3 millimeters in length. They have an elongated body shape with a dark reddish-brown color. These beetles possess distinctive clubbed antennae, a key identification characteristic. Their bodies are covered in fine hairs, giving them a velvety appearance.

Latin Name

The scientific name for Foreign Grain Beetles is Ahasverus advena.

Extermination Techniques

  • Proper Storage: Ensure that all food products, especially grains, are stored in airtight containers to prevent access for Foreign Grain Beetles and other pests.
  • Regular Cleaning: Clean food storage areas regularly, eliminating any spilled grains or food debris that may attract and sustain the beetles.
  • Temperature Control: Foreign Grain Beetles thrive in warm and humid environments. Maintain cool and dry conditions in storage areas to discourage their infestation.
  • Pest Control Services: If the infestation persists or is severe, consider hiring professional pest control services specializing in grain beetles. They can provide effective treatments and guidance tailored to your situation.


Remember, if you are facing a Foreign Grain Beetle infestation that requires professional attention, contact our reliable extermination service for effective pest control solutions.