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When it comes to mice and other pests, their habits and biology can make them tricky to control. Luckily, our products and services are top of the line and work well when it comes to eliminating the highly adaptable creature. Some of the services we provide include:

  1. Extended perimeter prevention
  2. Exclusion
  3. Interior crack and crevice
  4. Spot treating
  5. Traps and Baits
  6. And more
Arete Pest Control

Arete Guaranteed Mice Removal 

Our guarantee is that we can get rid of your mice after servicing your property. We apply our exclusion services to your home to prevent more mice from entering your home. We want to make sure that we have done our best to remove your mice and leave you as a satisfied customer. We know that our mice control services can help contain and remove your mice problem in your home. If you are in need of our services please give us a call to treat your home as soon as possible.

Arete Pest Control

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Arete Pest Control

Free Re-Services

We’ve been doing this a long time.  If you ever have a recurrence of wildlife problems as our customer just give us a call and we will come out for extra service in between regular visits for free!

We Guarantee More Than Our Competitors

Some companies charge extra for Wasps, Ants, or even Spiders. Arete Pest Control includes all the following pests in our pest control programs. Why go with someone who doesn’t cover all your pests?



Spider Control


Silver Fish


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Ant  Control


Wasp Control


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