Elisha Winn House: Preserving History in Dacula, Georgia

The Elisha Winn House, located at 908 Dacula Road near Dacula, Georgia, holds a significant place in the region’s history. Constructed in 1812, six years before the establishment of Gwinnett County, this remarkable house stands as a testament to the past. Situated just 1.9 miles north of Dacula city limits, it is believed to be the oldest surviving building in metropolitan Atlanta.


Historical Significance of the Elisha Winn House

The Elisha Winn House played a crucial role in the formation of Gwinnett County. It served as the hub for planning and organizing the county’s development. Notably, many of the county’s initial government functions were carried out within these walls and its backyard. The house witnessed early sessions of the Superior Court, hosting various counties, including Gwinnett County, from 1819 to 1822. Notably, it was within the confines of this house that the first enslaved person was auctioned in Gwinnett County, marking a dark chapter in its history. The Inferior Court and the first county elections were also held in the parlor of the Elisha Winn House. The property also housed the first Gwinnett County jail, where county executions took place, marking significant milestones in the region’s legal history.

 Elisha Winn: A Man of Influence

Elisha Winn, born in Lunenburg, Virginia in 1777, played a significant role in the early years of Gwinnett County. Serving as a Justice of Inferior Court in Jackson County from 1815 to 1817, Winn later became an Inferior Court judge for Gwinnett County from 1820 to 1825. He went on to serve as a state senator for Georgia, representing Gwinnett County in the 1830, 1833, and 1837 sessions. Elisha Winn was married to Judith Cochran, and together they had thirteen children, eleven of whom lived to adulthood.

A Family Legacy

The Winn family’s connection to the Elisha Winn House spans generations. Elisha and Judith Winn’s thirteen children, including Philadelphia, Martha Ann, James Cochran, and Jane, left their mark on the county’s history. Philadelphia married William Maltbie in the house at the young age of thirteen and later became an influential figure in Lawrenceville. James Cochran Winn tragically lost his life during the Mexican War in 1836. Jane’s husband, James Martin, was killed by Creek Indians in the same year, and his resting place is located on the courthouse square. The Winn family eventually relocated to Lawrenceville in 1824, with Elisha Winn assuming a prominent role in the Gwinnett County Court house.

Restoring the Past, Preserving the Future

The Elisha Winn House has experienced a remarkable journey of preservation. In 1978, the Gwinnett Historical Society acquired the property, which initially encompassed three acres. Over the years, the Society’s dedicated efforts have restored and maintained the house, its outbuildings, and the surrounding 19.2 acres. Designated as a historic site and listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1979, the Elisha Winn House stands as a testament to the rich heritage and cultural significance of Gwinnett County and the early settlers who shaped its history.

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