Why You Shouldn’t Do Your Own Pest Control

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We Know The Story

Believe us when we say we know the story. With years and years of experience, we’ve come across quite a few homeowners who want to take the challenge on of doing their own pest control. They’re trying to save a buck or even try their family’s “secret sauce.” Heck, they may even have even purchased the most advanced product on the market or have a buddy who is a professional exterminator who has shared a tip here and a trick there. They are ready to take on any and all pests.

As a fellow pest control expert, we applaud their desire. It’s not every day we come across others as passionate about pest control as we are. That being said, we would also advise any and all wanting to do their own pest control to proceed with caution. There are MANY factors to take into consideration — including time and money that may be negatively impacted if they’re not prepared and committed ALL year round.

Although it can be a fun hobby, best pest control practices and products change as the year progresses and different bugs become more prevalent.

Not All Bugs Are Treated The Same

It makes sense that the way you treat for wasps is different than ants. And believe it or not, you don’t need an engineering degree to know a spider’s web from a mole mound. However, a comprehensive pest control strategy requires knowledge and expertise about each pest’s habitat, how they interact with one another, where they are most likely to be found, the best way to eliminate the colony, and more.

Without this understanding, what initially may come across as a permanent solution for one pest may actually aggravate another — further causing concern and frustrations for your pest control problems.

Choosing The Correct Pesticides

It’s more than running to Home Depot and picking up a can of Ortho Home Defense or Raid. Although these products can work WONDERS as a temporary band-aid, they are not your solution. We are more concerned about the pests you DON’T see rather than the few you see scurrying across your kitchen counter or along your baseboards.

Not only do you need to take into consideration what the type of products you need to use for a solid pest control strategy, but also the equipment that you need when using the products. Our technicians are trained and certified and our professional pesticides are regulated by governing bodies. 

Your Own Safety

It’s a question that we hear often — “How safe are pesticides?” Although the products are intended to remove pests from your home and provide a generous cushion against intruding bugs, our team goes through extensive training with each product we use. Not only do we know how to use the pesticides, but we know how to apply them to keep you and your family safe while eliminating pests. In addition, we are concerned about protecting the environment and take that into serious consideration when going through each inspection and treatment.

The Costs Add Up Quickly

How valuable is your time? Be honest — your time in the evenings or even your weekends, what’s the price tag? $20/hour? $50/hour? $100/hour? Whatever you feel is right, your time is valuable. Do you really want to spend your time finding a way to get the sugar ants out of the pantry?

By the time you drive to the store, find the products you feel will best treat your pests, come home, treat, treat again, and do it one more time, you could be several hours into this thing — let alone the money you used to buy the products. And who’s to say that these efforts actually helped the problem — let alone make it worse?

Although you may save money out of the gate, over time the cost of doing your own pest control may be more than what you think you’re saving.

Bugs, Bugs, And More Bugs

No matter how robust the protection around your home is, bugs ALWAYS come back. How committed to your own pest control are you?

Without a consistency in product application, understanding of bug patterns throughout the entire year, and more, your once quick fix with a can of Raid could quickly consume your time and money.

So… Is DIY Pest Control Worth It?

We’re not sure, you tell us! Just like you, Arête Pest Control is committed to keeping pests out of your home. However, our team is trained, certified, and ready with the best products on the market and a knowledge of bug behavior second to none.

And with 50% off of your initial visit, what do you have to lose?

Plus, if you happen to see any bugs between visits, we’ll come out for free. Simply give us a call and we’ll find a convenient time to come and treat the pests you’re seeing.

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