The Health Risks of Rats and Mice

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Protect your health by making sure your home is rat and mouse free. Along with giving you the chills, having mice and rats can have a great risk passing diseases and allergies to humans. They are also known for destroying food and homes.

Destroying our Food

Did you know that in one year mice and rats are estimated to destroy enough food to feed over 200 Million people?

They are great at finding ways into our homes. It only takes ¼ inch opening for a mouse to make it into your home. Once mice or rats are in your home they are looking to eat. These rodents cause a huge sanitary issue because of the diseases they carry. Sanitary issues also rise because of their urine and feces that they will spread across food that they get into. Most mice and rats will dwell in sewers and trash passing these germs and diseases into our food.

Mouse Allergens

It is known that mice carry a protein in their urine can cause asthma and allergic rhinitis in susceptible people. Mice urinate in micro-droplets as they move across your home rooms. This urine will contaminate all surfaces it covers including floors, counters, and other surfaces we frequent in our home.


According to the CDC, Hantavirus can only be given by some mice and rats. This virus is passed by breathing in air that is contaminated with mice or rat urine and feces that is contaminated with Hantavirus. To prevent this disease, try to keep mice or rats out of your home and clean up any mouse or rat urine, droppings or nesting.

Food-Borne Illness

Rats and mice are known to transmit different food borne illnesses — mainly passing salmonella and campylobacter to humans.

Rat-bite Fever

As the name suggests, when bitten by a rate, there is a chance of experiencing Rat-bite fever. This is caused by the bacteria that is found in rat or mice saliva. Symptoms include skin irritation, fever, and / or vomiting.

Damages to health and home

Mice and Rats have teeth that keep growing. They will gnaw on things to shave these teeth down and sharpen their teeth at the same time. It is common for mice and rats to gnaw through walls, baseboards, boxes, electrical wires, and other items in and around your home.

Homes are not only contaminated from rodents they are also destroyed. Causing risks of fires from gnawing through electrical wires and equipment malfunction. They are known to gnaw through utility pipes causing flooding as well.

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