Are Termites Active in the Winter?

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Our team is often questioned about the activity level of termites throughout the year. Although the colder weather during the fall and winter slow down many other pests, termites are very active through the entire year. The subterranean termite colony must still eat and drink to survive causing them to be active all year round.

Termite Activity in the Winter

During the colder months termites tunnel deeper down to get warmth and certain moisture conditions. They need high levels of moisture and humidity combined with heat to survive. Heating your home can cause your basement and the slab of your home to heat up as well. This naturally makes the soil around your home warmer, thus creating a climate where termites can survive in the soil around your home.

The warmer soil around your home is more attractive to termites during the winter months causing conducive conditions. Termites will do all they can to make it into your home during the colder months. This makes the winter months just as important to protect your home as any other time of year.

Winter Treatments

Treatments and inspections during the winter months can be the most effective time to have your home inspected and treated. With the plants and trees around your home more bare during winter months, identifying termites and their habitats can be easier. The inspector is able to find conducive conditions and entry points for termites. Termites are more predictive during winter months because they cannot travel or forge as far from their nests because of the dry and cold conditions. This gives the exterminator a higher chance of effectively eliminating the colony.

Eliminate Nest Early

Termites will swarm in spring and fall. This is when the termite swarmers from a mature colony fly out of the nest looking for a mate to create a new colony with. By treating in the winter months you have a chance to eliminate the colony before they start to swarm in spring months. This will eliminate the chance of more termites attacking your home in the spring and warmer months when termites can venture further from their nests and colonies.

Effective Winter Treatments

You need an effective treatment during the winter. Arête Pest Control has all the tools and training to handle your termite problems. We offer a unique termite treatment. Our team can give you a home evaluation to find out what treatment methods work best for your home. We offer liquid treatments that effectively eliminated the entire colony. In addition, we can also offer a special baiting system that feeds the colony with bait that eliminates the entire colony. Both treatment methods are offered with a re-treatment guarantee as well as options to cover your home against future termite damages.

Call Arête Pest Control today to protect your home against termites not matter what time of year it is.


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