Your Cheatsheet On Getting Rid Of Spiders

By December 30, 2017Spiders
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I know the feeling all too well. You see a spider, the hairs on the back of your neck stand up, and you reach for the first thing in sight to squish the spider. Let’s work together to make it so this horrible feeling never happens. Here are some tips that will help you eliminate spiders before they ever become a problem.

To be able to successfully get rid of spiders, there are certain behaviors you need to know about spiders. This includes:

  • Where they live
  • What they feed on
  • Where they like to nest

It may be a surprise to you, but most spiders are not aggressive.

When I first moved to the south, I had a significant amount of spiders in my house. I professionally sprayed the interior and exterior of my home hoping to eliminate my problem. It helped but didn’t get rid of the problem.

As I walked around my home doing yard work, I started to cut back the ivy from my nicely manicured yard. I realized the ivy was a hot bed for bugs — specifically spiders. As I removed the vines from my home, the spider problem quickly went away too.

This is the first and most important part of being able to get rid of spiders is keeping your yard and lawn shrubs around your home well-manicured. Make sure you keep grass or shrubs trimmed away from your home. By doing this you eliminate a place for spiders to nest and make their way into your home.

Believe it or not, spiders live along the edges of your home opposed to living in a web above the ground.

Along with keeping your property well maintained, I recommend knocking down spider webs in eves and on porches as often as possible. This discourages spiders from being able to come back and build nests over and over again. By eliminating their nests and home you can get rid of spiders.

Spiders are always looking for ways to enter your home. They want to get away from predators, get a secure place to nest and avoid extreme weather conditions. Some of the best way to ever stop spiders from entering your home is sealing up any entry points that they might enter in at.

Take a quick walk around your home looking for area’s that spiders might enter. Here are a few questions you can ask yourself to know where to start.

  • Are the HVAC pipes entering the home needing additional attention?
  • Do all of your windows on all levels have proper screens on the windows?
  • Are the screens secure and not ripped or torn?
  • Does your home have open weep holes or openings under the siding?
  • Do all the doors have proper weather stripping around the door frame?

Another tip I have found to be successful is making sure you turn off your lights at night. Lights at night can attract many insects. Where spiders are predatory bugs, they are attracted to other bugs for meals. By leaving your porch light on all night , this may cause bugs to be attracted to your home. This is an ideal scenario for spiders who are hungry.

Lastly, if you haven’t already, I’d recommend installing copper mesh between your home’s weep holes. While weep holes allow the house to breathe and reduce mildew and dry rot, they also provide an easy entrance for spiders. Copper mesh will still offer the same “breathing” benefit for your home while also deterring spiders from coming inside.

If these tips don’t help you get rid of spiders, give a professional a call to help eliminate the problem. Arête Pest Control are experts at eliminating spiders from your home. We know all the secrets and have the proper tools and training to get rid of spiders. Call us today for a free quote on how to get rid of spiders.

We also cover may other bugs and have a money-back guarantee that comes along with our pest control programs.

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  • It’s interesting that you mentioned that the first and most important part of being able to get rid of spiders is keeping your yard and lawn shrubs around your home well-manicured. That has never been the first thing that came to mind when I thought of spiders, but I’m glad you mentioned it. I’ll be sure to follow these tips to get rid of the spider problem I seem to be having in my home. Thanks for the information!

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