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How To NOT Roll Out The Red Carpet For Pests This Spring

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We are weeks away from the Spring. The warmer weather brings a handful of things we look forward to… the Braves are back on TV and more time outside… to…

Arete Pest Control service

Why You Shouldn’t Do Your Own Pest Control

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We Know The Story Believe us when we say we know the story. With years and years of experience, we’ve come across quite a few homeowners who want to take…

What to Do When The Bed Bugs Bite

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We all know the feeling. You feel a string or hair go across your neck and you smack your neck hoping to brush a bug off of your neck. You…

The Health Risks of Rats and Mice

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Protect your health by making sure your home is rat and mouse free. Along with giving you the chills, having mice and rats can have a great risk passing diseases…